Groove continues its push to help medium sized, family owned wineries compete in an ever tightening marketplace with the launch of Foley Wingman. Wingman is a comprehensive, completely customizable digital sales channel specifically tailored to the wine, spirits and beverage industries. Based on who you are, what you’re permissioned to see, where you’re located and how you’re selling, Wingman instantly provides the sales team, distributors and trade accounts with up-to-the-second sales and marketing training and resources tailored to their needs.

The platform includes world-class training, both sales and brand, sophisticated digital asset management, personalized execution calendars by distributor and/or region, peer-to-peer and peer-to-producer community and collaboration features, outbound behavior-based communication, and always-on support services. Our new Presentation Builder app, on iPad and Android, enables sales reps to make customized and personalized rich-media presentations on the fly, per account, per SKU, per visit. Wingman helps distributor representatives and retailers reduce costs, increase engagement and optimize every sales opportunity to improve the bottom line.

We are extremely proud to welcome the Foley Family Wines team to the Wingman platform. Foley Family Wines began in 1996 when Bill Foley started Foley Estate Winery. Their current portfolio features unparalleled collection of quality wineries located in California, Washington State and New Zealand. The goal of each of their properties is to have the winemakers produce handmade, delicious wines that capture the character of the varietal and personality of the site. Groove will use the Wingman platform, and our content marketing strategies, to ensure that this story reaches the 3000+ gatekeepers who are responsible for getting these great wines into the hands of consumers.

As mentioned previously, since launching Wingman 2.0, we’ve seen a 35% jump in mobile calls to the platform during selling hours, meaning that distributor and trade partners are more informed and engaged in market. The value of a fully educated and empowered sales force cannot be overestimated. We’re proud of the role Wingman will play for Foley, and our other clients, and we look forward to helping the sales team meet their 2017 goals.