Groove learned, many years ago, how difficult it is for sales people to access the internet in market. It’s even scarier to consider doing a sales pitch that requires online access.

To solve this problem, we developed an iOS application for iPad as an add-on to the Wingman Platform. Our clients not only get world-class web services for services like DAM, LMS, content management, priority calendars and community, they now receive the added benefit of an iOS app that allows sales representatives to create dynamic presentations in market, on the fly, without needing access to the internet.

The app is loaded with priority sales collateral that can be shared offline, anytime, anywhere. We’ve expanded the application to Android and Windows tablets, as well.  These are the key features of the Wingman dynamic presentation builder application:

  • Video, rich-media based assets
  • Pre-built/You-build presentations
  • On-the-fly Presentations
  • Drag and drop interactivity
  • Data push to CRM
  • Formatting, uploading and testing
  • Individual reporting and analytics
  • Share/email capabilities

Sales reps can now create one rich-media based presentation for a casual dining establishment, another for a white table cloth establishment and a third for a regional off-premise retailer – all on their tablet even if they have no Wi-Fi connection to build or present the pitch.

Contact us for a demonstration.