Starting in FY06, and continuing through FY16, Groove embarked on a journey with clients like Diageo, Constellations, Treasury Wine Estates, Stoli and multiple family owned wineries to reinvent distributor and trade distance collaboration. The vision was to deliver to sales representatives and trade partners the knowledge, selling tools and support required to more successfully sell each company’s portfolio of world-class products. Groove had built its reputation for distance learning, workplace collaboration and sales acceleration with Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, PeopleSoft and Ford Motor Company. We simply applied that 3-tier thinking to alcohol beverage.

Within a few years, Wingman became the glue between disparate business units and a distributor workforce longing for knowledge, alignment, focused priorities, continuity across the portfolio and true 1:1 support. We delivered world class training, digital asset management, program calendars, execution priorities, interactive presentations, sales tools and 24/7/365 support across 100+ distributor contracts. Wingman has been used by more than 35K total reps, tens of thousands of trade partnerships, and thousands of employees. In survey after survey, Wingman consistently score +90% “effective” and/or “extremely effective”. The journey has been an enormous success.

CRM suppliers like Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft offer expensive “seat license solutions” for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Content Management/Publishing (CMS) and In-Market Sales Tools. For a 3,000-person organization (employees, distributors and trade partners), the costs related to seat licenses can run $15,000/month – forever. It’s particularly costly for the wine and spirits industry in the USA, where distributor representatives, on-premise and off-premise account management, and wait staff can add thousands of additional users. There are no seat licenses for the Wingman platform. We believe the more people using the platform the more effective and better aligned your message will be in market.

Most importantly, the Return on Investment (ROI) is now proven. When a 3,000-person sales team (wholesaler/employee) sells just one additional case  (just one!) using Wingman, the  implementation is cash positive during Year 1. In other words, Wingman is not a cost to your organization but rather incremental profit.  By Years 2-3, the profitability rises to 98.75%! How’s that math work? It’s really very simple.

After three years, clients have spent approximately $45/rep for all of the power of the Wingman platform. One incremental case sold/month equals $1,200/year or $3,600 over those three years. That’s $45 out and $3,600 in, or a cost of 1.25%. In this model, incremental sales of one case/rep/month generates 98.75% profitability. That’s the ROI history of the Wingman platform. The only question you need to answer is this: do you believe that a fully engaged, educated and empowered sales team will sell more of your wine and spirits? If so, Wingman is your “cash-positive” partner.