By now you know that Wingman is a comprehensive, completely customizable digital sales channel specifically tailored to the wine and spirits industries. Based on who you are, what you’re permissioned to see, where you’re located and how you’re selling, Wingman instantly provides the sales team, distributors and trade accounts with up-to-the-second sales/marketing knowledge and resources tailored to their needs. The technology includes world-class training, both sales and brand, sophisticated digital asset management, personalized execution calendars by distributor and/or region, peer-to-peer collaboration features, always-on support services and an app- based custom presentation builder.

What you may not know is that through Wingman, Groove also provides incredibly powerful 3-tier content – like trade programs, strategic account initiatives, capabilities training, news/blog updates, sales slide-ware, print collateral, sizzle reels and newsletters. While the technology is impressive, and makes selling efficient, effective and streamlined across any device, it’s the content delivered through the platform that makes it the most powerful trade communication platform on the market. We know that the moment-of-sale is about solving problems, creating opportunities and being a true partner to the buyer. For the wholesaler and internal sales person, it’s about lowering the bar, eliminating the objection layer and driving a unique value proposition.  Our content marketing strategy for Wingman does both.

Groove connects the dots through communications. We surface the most important opportunities through the newsletters, news/blog and execution calendars on Wingman installations. We ensure that the capabilities training and assets are aligned and value driven. We help sales reps prepare for meetings through the Wine Finder and dynamic Sell Sheet Builder. We ensure that the iPad and Android app has all of the key assets related to the execution calendar (videos, bottle shots, wine notes, tech sheets, accolades, recipes, etc.) so that each rep can easily create custom, rich media-based presentations “per account, per visit, per SKU”. We also follow up with reporting and analytics on each program to ensure proper learning has been shared and implemented for the next round of sales. Most importantly, we do it all relentlessly throughout the year. Keeping in touch with your sales reps. Gaining meaningful touches that drive engagement and sales.

For more than a decade, Groove has combined strategic and creative expertise to help our clients, distributor representatives and retailers eliminate obstacles, transfer knowledge, increase engagement, reduce costs and optimize every sales opportunity to improve the bottom line. It’s just what we do.